Conducting a Criminal Record Search

When it comes to performing a criminal record search, it’s important that you know the person’s full name. Additional information such as their date of birth, social security number and address will also be beneficial in aiding you with finding the right person and the most information. The first stop in your criminal record search should be Google or another type of major search engine, in order to obtain as much information about the individual as possible.

Criminal Record Search: Information you can obtain for Free

When using Google, take advantage of the advanced search techniques option. Just by adding quotation marks to the keywords you’re using will help immensely. If you’re searching for a person with a fairly common name then you should also add any type of information that you know about them. Other information you can use includes their place of employment, cities or states they have lived in, the names of family members and their date of birth.

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Utilizing social networks can also help you to obtain more information about this individual. This is why so many potential employers check an applicant’s Facebook and Twitter. Using Facebook you can search for people by email address or their name and you can also modify the results by workplace, location and school. If nothing shows up in your search the individual may not have a Facebook page or they have made their profile unsearchable and private.

These social media sites can provide you with information about the individual that you might not have had, such as their address, email or phone number.

Finding a person’s phone number or address is pretty simple. Only when you’re looking for public and criminal records do things begin to really get interesting. If you want to know more about a neighbor or co-worker, you can utilize websites that specialize in obtaining criminal and public records. These sites will allow you to do a criminal history check by name. You’ll also be able to narrow your search by including the city and state they reside in. The search results will typically include the person’s address, date of birth and the types of offenses they have committed. These websites do charge a fee in order to see the search results.

Death records, birth records, marriage records and other types of public records can also be found online. You can do a search based on the type of record you’re looking for and include the state, county and zip code, or you can perform an international search instead.

Obtaining Background Information From Your Local Law Enforcement Agency

A person’s criminal history record can also be obtained from a local police department or sheriff’s office. You’ll need to call your local law enforcement agency in order to learn about the specific requirements for obtaining a copy. Criminal history records will include the person’s name, social security number, date of birth, race, sex, weight and height. It will also include any arrests, the date of these arrests and the charges filed.

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You can also check a state’s website in order to verify if a person has been convicted in that state of a felony crime. A law enforcement agency can also provide a list of felony convictions. The person’s full name, date of birth, sex and race must be provided at the time you make the request for this type of criminal record. Most agencies will require a signed consent form from the individual whose record is being sought.

If you wish to conduct a criminal record check for licensing, employment or another type of non-criminal justice purpose, you will still be required to supply a signed consent form from that individual in order to conduct a felony search.

Hiring a Consumer Reporting Agency for Criminal Background Checks

The fair credit reporting act regulates who can access a person’s consumer report. A consumer report will include employment and credit history as well as a person’s criminal record. This act was passed in order to ensure that the files held by a consumer report agency were both fair and accurate. As a potential employer or landlord, legally, the safest and easiest way that you can conduct a criminal background check is to go through the CRA.

The consumer reporting agency maintains databases that compile information found through sources that they have paid to gain access to. This agency maintains databases that contain personal information regarding arrests based on geographic location, the types of sources used, registries for sex offenders and employment and financial records. Should you decide to hire a consumer reporting agency you’ll need to consider a few things to determine whether the agency you want to hire is reputable.  Above anything else, be sure that the agency complies with the FCRA regulations.

When conducting a criminal background check it’s important that you know the person’s

What type of public records are usually available online?

When obtaining criminal records from a local law enforcement agency they will usually require

The fair credit reporting act regulates who can access a person’s consumer report

As a potential employer or landlord, legally, the safest and easiest way that you can conduct a criminal background check is to go through the CRA

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